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We always emphasize that the best environmentally friendly ways to deal with used plastic products are 3-R: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. However, when reuse or even recycle becomes unrealistic, e.g. those recycled black plastic bags loaded with household wastages, if we can accelerate those long-lasting & durable plastic products to decompose/degrade in a much shorter period of time, after all it may be a good solution. East Link Degradable Materials Limited was established in 2002 for this mission.

Oxo-biodegradable additive - AddiPRO

As a wholly & locally owned private company with R&D centre as well as production line established in our own homeland Hong Kong, we deeply understand that plastic products, particularly those packaging bags, garbage bags & shopping bags exert great pressures to our extremely limited living environment. For this reason, we have developed an additive - AddiPRO for manufacturers to add to those plastic products during production in order to accelerate the decomposition/degradation of those disposed of plastic products.


During manufacturing, the addition of AddiPRO to conventional plastic resins does not require you to make any modification to your current production facilities, settings or production process, nor will it sacrifice your product quality. More importantly, the increment to the final product costs is immaterial.



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